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How It Works ? Simple!

We build the list for you.
You send your ads to our list. You build your own list, leads and sales.

"Speedy Solos"  is a Free and Paid Advertising resource using Contact Solo Emails, Banners  and Text ads and Quality Targeted Traffic to build your own list of leads and profits.

Stop wasting money buying leads in bulk and send email that are never opend reaching to trash. Use Speedy Solos, where your emails are opened. Real people choose to click on your ad.
  • Join Free and get your Sign up ads pack
  • Set your profile and don`t forget your PayPal id to let us know where to send  your awesome commissions
  • Set your ads, asign credits
  • Send your Solos,
  • Earn or buy credits and send even more ads.
Plus, if you Upgrade, you most definitely enjoy even BIGGER benefits!

As long as you have credits, your websites will always get guaranteed visitors as you
have credits deducted every time your banner and  text ad is viewed and your Solos
are clicked.
Members will only view websites they want to view by clicking on your text ad and
visiting the website you are promoting, and will earn credits for doing so.

The Quickest way to Earn Credits  is by Viewing Ads in the Members Area.
  • Simply click on "View Ads" from the Members Menu. Then click on the Ad you wish to view.
  • You will earn credits for each Website you view 
  • You then use  "Set Your Advertising" to apply credits to your Ads  to send your Solos 
  • Also asign credits to keep your Ads Active and in rotation, driving more visitors to your advertised web sites.
  • Visit the "Members Tools" to set your profile, and use your affiliate  tools to build your downline, email your referrals and earn cash commissions!
  • Promote Speedy Solos, Build your downline and get Commissions, every time your referrals make a purchase or upgrade!
  • Log in Daily Rewards. Earn even more Credits for being an Active Member.

You can Earn, Buy or Trade Credits.We offer Cash Links, PTC links so you can also Earn Cash.

It's simple to get started... join right now for Free and grab your guaranteed traffic right to your site using out proven methods of advertising!